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Wedding hairstyles

Gallery 3 is populated with many wedding styles whether your the bride or the bridesmaids or the guests there is plenty there for you. We suggest numbers 2, 7 and 12 are definitely for the bride only, woe betide anyone upstaging the bride on her big day! The rest are more up for grabs but would still work for a bride or bridesmaid. When the guests are all set, and the groom is anxiously fidgeting with his tie, all eyes fall to the door where the bride will walk through. If you are the bride, then you simply must make a grand entrance. Other than the thousand-dollar gown, the meticulously applied makeup, and the exclusive wedding entourage, the hairstyle you choose to don is the cherry on top of a perfectly polished bride. There are literally thousands of hairdo’s to choose from online, in magazines and on TV, but finding the perfect one could just be a matter of looking through this small yet extensive gallery. A bride must look demure and coquettish as she crosses the boundary from singlehood to married life, and what better way to reflect this than in an elegantly styled updo to complement her gown. Soft romantic curls, whether flowing or gathered in an updo, are a timeless look most brides go for. It can be adorned with perfectly placed sparkles or an elegant flower. Shorthaired brides need not worry because a simply styled pixie cut or layered bob can also be a muted yet demure style, which can shine with a simple headdress or headband. Every bride deserves to look beautiful on her big day, but a perfectly styled coiffure can make her breathtakingly stunning.