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Up do's

An up do is a go-to hairstyle that works for almost any occasion. Whether it is for a meeting with corporate executives, a night out with the girls or a date in a fine dining restaurant, an updo exudes a feminine charm, which is as versatile as it is classy. There are many variations for this classic hairstyle, and pulling off one, which suits you, is not a tough task. An updo for casual lunches or daytime dates can be messy and fun, with loose locks to frame the face. Occasions that are more formal would call for a sleeker and more styled look with a few choice jewels for a bit of sparkle. As a style, which is perfect for medium to long hair, an updo requires a bit of work to keep the hair up for extended periods. So if you are thinking of donning this style, make sure you get your hairspray and bobby pins ready. The first step to achieving this look is gathering your hair in a ponytail. Where you go from there depends on the style you are aiming for: whether you choose to twist it into a high ballerina bun or loosely twirl it bit by bit for that romantic look. Getting the hang of this nifty style would definitely come in handy. This page consists of 12 updos. When thinking of an updo remember that you don't have to have long hair, some of the pictures in this gallery suit medium-short to medium hair length, and contains classic looks as well as modern hair updo's. Use the pictures as inspiration and completely transform any look by adding hair accessories, hair jewelry or flowers. Look in our Fashion section under accessories for ideas.