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For most girls – well scratch that – for girls (even if a few do not admit it out loud), a perfect prom hairstyle that can definitely match their prom dress is very much needed in the enchanting event. It enhances your face shape and the right hairstyle can make your outfit look prettier. Most people leave their hair loose and just go with the flow, but others dye their hair different colors every month or have a different haircut every so often. It depends on the person's perspective, though. Moreover, since Prom is an unforgettable event in high school where you can spend quality time with your friends and your – cough – date, it is important that your hairstyle is not mediocre; it should stand out. As you can see from this gallery, updo hairstyles are quite popular with teenagers during the magical evening. You could be Marilyn Monroe with a twist! Make your hair in an updo retro wavy style! On the other hand, if you want to turn your hair bun into a regal updo like Audrey Hepburn, feel free to do so! As long as it can accentuate your features and it is not an extreme, over-the-top hairstyle, then it is safe to assume you are going to be the talk of the evening. A total Cinderella moment except for the glass slippers, wouldn’t you agree? Gallery 10 is a bit more out there. You wouldn't find many of these at a Royal wedding, unless it was Princess Beatrice then who knows? Picture 11 is a particular favorite of ours with a bubble on top of what's normally a standard if slightly wavy bob.