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Updo hairstyles

Updos are some of the most versatile hairstyles for girls with medium-length to long hair. Curly, wavy, or straight, the right updo can turn a tangled mane into a gorgeous ‘do. Whether you are a sweet teen headed to your first formal event, a hip young urban professional in the big city or a respected elderly member of the community, the updo hairstyle can still be worn with elegance and pride. With the right set of tools and a tasteful selection of embellishments, you can gather up your hair into a stylish and flattering hairstyle! Though there are no set rules for donning this popular hairstyle, you may want to consider some guidelines for sporting an updo depending on your face shape. Girls with rounded faces may want to tease their hair to add volume and then loosen some locks at the side to elongate their face. Girls with angular faces may opt for some soft curls and side-parted bangs to balance out their angles. Oval and heart-shaped faces can opt to keep all the hair pulled up into the updo to accentuate their lovely face shape. Though these are just some tips to try, it is really all up to you to find the perfect combination of loose locks, curls and embellishments to make you feel confident in your hairstyle. This gallery contains beautiful updo ideas for most hair lengths and uses your natural type hair, be it natural curls or kinks or dead straight hair to create gorgeous formal styles.