Kidman marries Keith Urban, gown by Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Nikki Cox marries Jay Mohr in a Monique Lhuillier gown

Nikki Cox marries Jay Mohr in a Monique Lhuillier gown.

Pink marries Carey Hart on beach in Costa Rica wearing a cream colored gown

Pink marries Carey Hart on beach in Costa Rica wearing a cream colored gown.

straigh sexy hair frames face

Extra long and sexy. This hairstyle frames the face giving the illusion of extra height and a slender appearance

layered long bob with volume

This long bob has been layered all over to give it extra texture and volume

funky medium length style with side wisps

This funky hairstyle has wisps on the side to give it extra volume and incorporates the very stylish bubble fringe

funky bob with stylish fringe

This funky bob incorporates a very stylish fringe and is both soft and very trendy

fashionable short funky spiky style

Short funky and sexy that illuminates your confident personality

short funky style with thinned sides to frame face

A short funky hairstyle that has been thinned on the sides to frame the face beautifully and created height and volume with a soft fringe

soft curl bob with stylish straight fringe

Soft curls with a straight stylish fringe gives you a sophisticated look with a fun feminine feel

wavy bob with side swept fringe

Sweep your hair to one side to give you a long fringe that frames your face is gives you a serene look

short textured bob romantic straight fringe

Short textured bob with a soft romantic fringe is the perfect combination for the sweet innocent look with a few secrets

easy to maintain short fashionable style

This sexy hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks fabulous with any outfit

vibrant red short hair style

A rich red color transforms any hairstyle and is perfect color for those cold months

this seasons must have bubble fringe

This very stylish bubble fringe is inspired from the 80's fringe and is a must have this season according to Red Carpet A-lister

layered cut for long straight hair adds volume

A beautiful cut for long hair adds length and volume to your hairstyle. It's a very easy style to maintain and is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion

hollywood inspired style very modern

Inspired from "Old Hollywood" style yet remaining completely modern. Perfect for that dramatic "old Hollywood" Glamour Dress.

short sexy and flexible style with stylish fringe

This sexy and flexible hairstyle is layered all over which makes you look like you've just stepped out of the hairdresser all day and night.

natural bob ends flicked up to create volume

Slick bob; change your everyday bob with flicks, easily done with a straightening iron.

natural curls in inverted low pony

This natural hairstyle uses natural wavy hair that is simply tied in a loose pony inwards to create a messy bob

long bob with american sweetheart appeal

Use your natural waves to create this "American sweetheart", its sweet and sexy and looks good with any outfit

fun bouncy hairstyle for short hair

Sexy, bouncy short style that compliments any outfit

american sweetheart bouncy bob

A soft romantic style to give you that "American sweetheart" look so famously coined by Meg Ryan

punk rock hairstyle with lots of bounce

Punk rock hairstyle that is easy to achieve, simply tie your hair in a high pony and let the beautiful soft curls frame your face

punk hairstyle tied in different pony tails

This punk hairstyle is simply create by tying your hair in a number of different ponytails all the way down your head

uneven side parting for natural curls

With an uneven side parting and using your curls to your advantage have a Red carpet hairstyle that looks natural

classic up style with funky twirls

This funky hairstyle uses the classic up style but incorporate individual twirls to frame the face

comb back pony with little braids

This comb back into the very popular ponytail has little braids throughout to add texture and volume to the hair.

neat comb back twirled into bun

This neat up style is simply combed back into a high pony and twirled into a bun using the soft ends to add texture and elegance to the style

up style with elaborate twirls

If something different is what you are looking for, this up style combines elaborate twirls that can be decorated with feminine hair jewelry to the common French roll.

comb back into twirled updo

This comb back into twirled hair on top combines rope to add a creative touch, for you prom you can highlight a color in your dress by adding a delicate ribbon, flowers or hair jewelry to this style.

knitting stitch design updo

This elaborate hairstyle contains a knitting stitch design that incorporates a color thread to highlight your dress

hair swept top of head in twirled bun

Hair swept to the top of the head in a twirled bun incorporates fabric to the design but can look just as beautiful with a simple clip or hair jewelry

classic bun with soft curls

This style is based on the classic bun but is soft and modern with the curled ends

elegant up style for wedding, worn with tiara

This simple yet effect up style is perfect to add a delicate tiara and make you feel like a princess for the evening

side swept braids into up do with tiara

Making braids a fashion statement by incorporating elegant side swept braids into your up style and adding a delicate tiara or hair jewelry for a more feminine touch

boyish short crop popular in hollywood

The short crop cut seems to be the latest fashion in Hollywood, it's easy to maintain and to wear with any outfit

natural waves are thrown to one side

Slick side fringe with soft hair to the side gives a dramatic yet soft look and makes this hairstyle look formal

artistic bob with dramatic shape

This artistic bob has dramatic shape but it frames the face beautifully to give a very romantic dreamy appearance

neat up do with large curls pinned back

This neat up style is created with big roller size rolls that are pinned at the back of the head to create height in the style. The soft fringe adds a touch of modern splendor

60's inspired comb back in half up half down style

This 60's inspired hairstyle is neat and easy to put together. It's a pull back into a pony and loosely tied at the bottom to create a bubble effect.

slick side swept hair with natural curls

The soft curls in this style create height while the combed back sides give a sliming appearance

natural curls pinned back individually

Tie back your natural curls in stage, this style incorporates a delicate lace strand weaved through the hair. Choose a color to suit your dress and you won't need any other accessories

short cropped hair, easy to maintain

This is a great and easy way to wear your short cropped hair, simply create a side parting and clip to one side

seductive waves for old hollywood style

Seductive waves bring "Old Hollywood" style

Gwen Stefani platinum bob

Gwen Stefani platinum style in a short sassy cut with curls to add softness to the face

slick style, dark hair with highlights

Dark hair highlighted in areas adds body to straight hair. This style is slick and sexy.

short elegant style perfect for a wedding

Short and elegant. This style looks good at any length which makes it an easy style to maintain

bridal style of soft curls in a up style

Soft curls decorated with delicate jewelry turn this up style into a style fit for a princess

big bubble into half up half down style

The big bubble slightly to the side gives the bubble look a little more glamour and creativity

neat low bun decorated with jewelry to suit your bridal gown

A slick low bun is dressed up with hair jewelry to turn a simple bun into a glamour style.

neat old hollywood style

Neat old "Hollywood" glamour style oozes elegance and sophistication

soft romantic side twirl with french twist

Soft romantic side twirl into an old classic French twist is fit for a princess

loose comb back into loose plait

A loose comb back giving height to your appearance is loosely tied back into a plait

natural look giving the canvas for your gown

A very natural look, which is currently a Red Carpet favorite, can be worn with a beautiful gown for a more relaxed confident look.

neat comb back into vintage bun

A neat comb back into a beautiful bun is a vintage look. Add hair jewelry for a completely different look.

loose comb back into neat updo

A loose comb back away from the face and neck is the perfect look to highlight your jewelry and dress.

cross over side parting bob

Transform the usual bob by simply doing cross over individual strands to the side parting, making you ready for the Red Carpet.

sexy short style with soft fringe

This sexy shape has side strands to give the face a softer look.

sexy elegant style in French roll

This sexy elegant style needs nothing else to pull off your Red Carpet appearance. It is neatly pulled back into a French roll with delicate curls.

great style for dead straight hair

Dead straight hair doesn't have to be boring, simply clip your fringe creating a small bubble to one side and you have a completely different look

short style with longer uneven pieces for mature face

If you have a mature face you need a mature hair cut to compliment your features, this short style with long uneven pieces does exactly that

beautiful cut with trendy fringe

This beautiful cut highlights the very popular and very trendy fringe

Medium cut with fringe

A beautiful cut for medium hair, giving you a long fringe that distinguishes your hairstyle from any other short haircut

stylish bob softly clipped back

Stylish bob, softly clipped back to one side gives an elegant seductive look.

short teazed hair style

Short hair that is slightly teased up gives a young and vibrant hairstyle that can be worn with any outfit

classic bob with uneven ends

Bob with uneven length makes this classic look extra chic and voluminous

feminine cut with boyish appeal

A feminine cut with a very boyish look is perfect if your dress isn't the usual girlie frock

messy low pony with straight fringe

The messy low pony is an easy hairstyle to do yourself and perfect for any occasion.

classic bun with creative spiky ends

Classic bun with modern spiky ends and twirled strands that adds a touch of modern creativity

beehive with short uneven spiky fringe

Beehive with short uneven spiky fringe is a modern twin to the 60's Beehive inspired look.

punk rock with lots of teaze

Punk Rock with lots of tease creates the very fashionable Mawock

soft natural bob hassle free style

Soft natural bob is a mature look, little hassle yet effective for any occasion. The sides have been slightly layered to give a voluminous look.

modern bob is red carpet ready

This modern bob frames the face beautifully giving you a Red Carpet ready look is perfect if you have thick hair to create volume.

one sided pony tail with soft fringe

Give a spin to the everyday ponytail by setting it to the side and adding hair jewelry or flowers complete the look with a soft fringe.

soft curls updo

Sophisticated soft curls away from your face gives you a clean but fun look and is perfect to show off long dangling earrings and a long seductive dress.

Soft romantic braids

Soft, romantic braids are easy to achieve and show off your natural beauty

Sophisticated updo very complex

This sophisticated up do is intricately designed to perfection but can be hard to maintain throughout the night.

Meg Ryan inspired style with soft curls

This Meg Ryan inspired soft curls hairstyle is fun loving and can be worn for any occasion.

dramatic bob that is easy to achieve

A dramatic bob really makes a statement and is not difficult to achieve.

Artistic haircut gives different looks

An artistic haircut that worn in different ways gives you different looks. Long hair when down, and a short style when the long tresses are tied in a pony tail or clipped back in a bun.

simple style for red carpet

A simple style that will give Red Carpet approval and can be worn with any outfit. It's a simple bob layered on the sides for extra body.

short rock chick look

Bring out the "Rock Chick". This hairstyle will definitely turn heads at your prom

hair twirled from both sides into a classic bun

A twist to the classic bun! The hair is twirled from both sides, with individually twirled strands pinned back into a bun.

romantic soft updo

This is beautiful hairstyle gives a romantic soft look is pinned back to perfection yet contains ruffled ends making it very modern

a modern hairstyle inspired by old hollywood glamour

Inspired from "Old Hollywood" style yet remaining completely modern. Perfect for that dramatic "old Hollywood" Glamour Dress.

neat pinned back classic with a spanish feel

Neat pinned back classic, giving a "Spanish" maiden look. Add a beautiful piece of hair jewelry or a flower to create your own unique touch to this hairstyle.

a simple loose updo to show off your gown

This soft and simple hairstyle will look beautiful with a long gown and is perfect for your prom or any occasion.

old maiden inspired hairstyle with loose plait

This "Old Maiden" inspired hairstyle is achieved with long thin hair, simply plait the hair and pin it up around the hairline.