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Prom hairstyles pictures

Prom season is the time of the year when every girl gets excited to get her hair done. It is the time of the year to stand out in your glittering gown and strikingly hip hairstyle. You do not want to be just another boring Bertha or dull Delilah with an unimpressive updo, do you? Of course not! You only get to go to prom once this year, so why not enter the dance floor with a flamboyant flair? In this gallery, you will find some of the trendiest and most avant-garde hairstyles that are bold enough to make a statement yet classy enough for a formal event. Channel your 90ís punk princess look with a spiky bun, side-swept bangs and dark dramatic makeup reminiscent of Gwen Stefaniís No Doubt days. Add a rad touch of new wave wonder with a majestically messy layered cut a la Joan Jett. Go back further in time and pretend to walk the red carpet alongside Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn in a towering teased updo matched with timeless jewelry. Whatever hairstyle you choose to top of your signature prom look, make it your own, and stand out from the crowd. You only go to prom once; you cannot let yourself be a wallflower! Our second gallery gets a bit more adventurous by moving away from the traditional prom style like updos and alike and more towards the outrageous or unusual. With spiky updos and shocking streaks, choppy bangs and 70's retro. Of course we've thrown in a couple of more elegant styles for good measure.