Wedding checklist

When creating your diary for planning activities make sure that your husband to be is kept informed, as there are a few things you will need from him. Also give him tasks to help you with the preparations.

6 Months before the Wedding:

  • Draw up a guest list - get your husband to be to give you his list and co-ordinate the two
  • If you are going to share the expenses, discuss the details with your fianc and your parents
  • Discuss honeymoon plans with your partner and visit travel agencies for ideas
  • Pick and book a honeymoon venue.
  • Work out a budget (this could determine a lot of things that you can or can't do)
  • Book a venue for the ceremony and the reception
  • Arrange for catering - get a few quotes and decide on the best option.
  • Choose a color scheme and theme.
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding party to the ceremony and the reception.
  • Decide on bridesmaids and get your fianc to do the same.
  • Make an appointed with the minister or priest.
  • Arrange for someone to play the organ at the ceremony.

5 Months before the Wedding:

  • Arrange leave from work, get your fianc to do the same.
  • Hire chairs, tables and crockery.
  • Choose wedding rings with your fianc.
  • Order wedding cake.
  • Book a photographer and someone to film.
  • Arrange music for the ceremony and reception.
  • Arrange Bar and drinks for the reception.
  • Visit fashion designers until you find the dress like
  • Assist your fianc in choosing a suit that goes with the color and theme of the wedding
  • If you are leaving the country on your honeymoon make sure all your documentation is in order.

4 Months before the Wedding:

  • Arrange a Master of Ceremony.
  • Choose music and devotions.
  • Order Stationary
  • Decide what flowers you want for the ceremony and reception, but keep in mind that some are seasonal.
  • Order the flowers

3 Months before the Wedding:

  • Confirm catering arrangements
  • Let your mother and future mother in law decide on their clothes for the wedding day and make sure that the colours don't clash.
  • Arrange the dress for the bridesmaid.
  • Start with regular manicures.
  • Visit a gynaecologist and get your husband to be to visit a doctor for a complete check up
  • Get your future husband to book accommodation at a nearby hotel for the wedding night.
  • Shop for clothes for your honeymoon if you do not have enough and get your future husband to do the same.
  • Assist your husband to be look for small gifts for the attendants

2 Months before the Wedding:

  • Send out the wedding invitations
  • Visit a lawyer with your future husband an draw up your prenuptial agreement.
  • Purchase special under wear for the wedding day as well as for the honeymoon.
  • Decide on a suitable hairstyle. Visit your hairdresser with your veil.
  • Practice your make-up
  • Make hair and beauty appointments (find out who else would like to visit your hairdresser and make appointments for them as well.

1 Month before the Wedding:

  • Discuss the final menu with the caterers and give them the estimated number of guests.
  • Make sure that your bridal garment and the dress(es) of your bridesmaid(s) fit and choose wedding shoes.
  • Arrange accommodation for out-of-town family and friends.
  • Arrange a venue where you and your bridesmaid(s) will get dressed.
  • Set up a sitting plan if the reception is very formal.
  • Start packing for your honeymoon.

1 Week to the Wedding:

  • Confirm the photographer.
  • Confirm all other appointments of which you feel uncertain.
  • Finalise all honeymoon arrangements with your future husband.
  • Do a rehearsal with all the attendants and the priest or minister.
  • Give the caterers the final number of guests.
  • Wear in you wedding shoes.
  • Visit a beauty salon and get all unwanted hair removed.
  • Confirm all travelling arrangements.
  • Confirm all arrangements for the reception.
  • Arrange for someone to take the gifts home after the reception.
  • Pack a small overnight bag for your wedding night.