Things to remember

The Prom is a very stressful time in any senior's annual diary and often we tend to forget important details. We have included a list of important things that one tends to forget. Use it as a guide and add your own important items or ideas:

Scrapbook or keeping souvenirs - with the excitement of planning for your prom one tends to forget to keep items aside to use in a scrapbook for memories. Keep an old-shoe box and add whatever you have gathered throughout the 4-month planning period. After the big day you can dedicate your time to creating your own memory book or website.

Exercise and drink plenty water - having a toned body on the big day won't happen over night you will need to put a programme together and stick to it for about 4 months leading up to the prom. Drinking water is also very important as it cleans out yours system, makes your skin glow and eliminates bloating.

Camera - if you don't have a camera of your own ask your parents or a friend if you can borrow theirs. But if you are going to borrow someone's camera make sure you keep it safe. Make sure you know how to use the camera, the batteries are charged and you have enough film.

Mobile phone - if you have your own mobile phone make sure you charge it properly the night before your prom, if you have an extra battery make sure it's fully charged and used as a back up. It's important that you have a working mobile phone so your parents can get in touch with you or you can use it in case of an emergency.

Keeping your parents involved - your parents are more likely to give you additional freedom on the night of the prom if they know all your plans. Make sure you keep them informed of any changes and that they know exactly where you are at all times. Make sure they know your date and your friends.

Booking appointments and transport - it's important to book your hair and make-up appointments and book your transport months in advance to ensure you don't have a problem finding a supplier for your prom night.

Getting lots of rest - you will be run off your feet ensuring all your plans are taken care of in he months leading to the prom. It is very important that you get plenty rest the week before your prom so that you aren't exhausted on your special night - so go easy with those late night calls to your friends.

After the prom - don't forget a change of clothes for the party after the prom. You will need something comfortable but equally as appealing as your Prom Dress.