Prom checklist

4 Months before the Prom

  • Start looking at dresses and how much they cost
  • Ask your parents if they will be willing to help with the expense and how much they are willing to spend
  • Consider how much you should be saving each month
  • If you are short it's a good idea to get a part time job to assist with the expenses
  • Budget - start putting a budget together of what you think you will need and what you can afford
  • Book a limousine (plan this with friend to cut down on hire costs)
  • Start working out to tone your body
  • Start your skin care regime

3 Months before the Prom

  • Make dinner reservations, make sure you take down details of who you talked to and telephone numbers
  • Order or buy your dream prom dress
  • Pick out accessories that will compliment your dress
  • Assist your date planning his outfit
  • Start taking care of your nails, particularly if you have short or bitten nails.
  • Start taking care of your hair, if you are growing your hair out, trim it every 4 weeks to avoid frizzy, split ends.

2 Months before the Prom

  • If your dress needs alterations make an appointment (ask your mum or an adult to help)
  • Shop and buy for prom shoes
  • Make hair appointment. You should make two appointments, one for a trial run and on the day of the prom. Record this in your diary.
  • Make prom manicure and pedicure appointment and record this in your diary.
  • Go with your date and pick out matching corsage and boutonnière.
  • Purchase accessories for your dress and hair
  • Purchase handbag to match your dress
  • Purchase your Prom tickets
  • Pick out hairstyles or start trying different styles
  • Discuss your Prom plans with your parents.

1 Months before the Prom

  • Order Prom make up to match your Prom dress
  • Purchase clear deodorant. Start wearing it to make sure it leaves no residue or that you are not allergic to it
  • Start wearing your Prom shoes around the house as to break them in to ensure you don't get blisters on the night of the Prom

3 Weeks before the Prom

  • Have your Prom dressed tailored
  • Have your trial hairdo
  • Verify restaurant and limousine bookings
  • Verify your nails and hair appointment for the big day

2 Weeks before the Prom

  • Make any necessary alteration to your Prom dress
  • Experiment with your Prom make-up
  • Collect your supplies: camera, nail polish, extra pantyhose, phone card, cash, change, student ID, tickets, etc.
  • Let your parents meet your Prom date (if they haven't already).

1 Weeks before the Prom

  • Take your Prom dress home. Don't hang it up, instead fold it over a hanger and keep it in a safe dry place.
  • Go through the checklist and make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

1 Day before the Prom

  • Get a manicure and pedicure
  • Pluck your eyebrows
  • Get plenty of rest

Prom Day Checklist:

It's a good idea to have a hour-by-hour checklist if you feel you might forget something, we have included what should be on your checklist make sure you know what time all your appointments are.

  • Have a healthy breakfast and lunch
  • Bath or shower before you go to your hair and make-up appointment (remember to shave your legs and underarms but don't wash your hair)
  • Pick up flowers and refrigerate them
  • For your hair appointment wear a button down shirt as not to spoil your hair later when dressing for the prom
  • Give yourself enough time to apply your make-up (at least 1.5 hours)
  • Pack your handbag. Remember your camera, mobile phone or calling card, money, make-up, tickets, important telephone numbers.
  • Greet your date at the door
  • Get your parents to take photo's