When it comes to handbags for the prom you need to find something that is small and dainty. Your handbag should compliment your dress and be big enough to carry a few small but important items, such as your mobile phone, lipstick, “girly stuff” (incase), a small purse and maybe even make-up wipes (it's going to be a long night of dancing and your make-up might become a little smudged).

We have included a variety of dainty bags in assorted colors to give you ideas on what’s the ideal bag for the occasion. Feminine handbags can be clutch bags, purse, a pouch or a tote. If you can’t find the perfect handbag, find something that is very simple that you can dress up, for example a simple cloth tote in a complimentary color to your dress and find ribbons, or a flower to dress it up, this is an inexpensive way to acquire a matching bag.

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