Seasons color trends and colors to suit your skin tone

Different seasons have different color trends. For spring/summer this year we see light, fun and romantic colors with names such as Strawberry Ice, Golden Apricot, calming Sky Blue. The following shades are very popular. This is a guide to the special shades in each season, but as seen with our favorite celebrities any color goes, and black and white is still a hot favorite, visit the Red Carpet Section for latest fashion trends.

The falls colors are similar but in darker shades.

Your skin tone

The fashion color choices are endless and the best way to pick a color to wear for the special occasion is to know which colors best suit your skin tone. Skin tones fall cool or warm shades; and can be further broken down according to seasons.

Cool and warm shades:

Cool Shades: it is likely that you have this skin tone if you have fair skin with blue, green or grey eyes and if your skin also tends to burn easily.
Complimentary colors: usually colors that contain shades of ash, champagne or beige.

Warm Shades: you normally have a golden/olive skin with brown, black or amber eyes.
Complimentary colors: colors that contain shades of gold, copper, auburn and red.

Combination: If you have a combination of the above two you can generally get away with colors from both groups.

Cool Skin tones

"Winter" and "Summer" skin tones are both cool skin tones that contain tones of blue or pink skin tones. The difference is in the skin and hair color.

Winter Skin Tone

You are a 'Winter' if you are a natural brunette or blonde with deeply color eyes and have porcelain white, yellowish olive or dark skin.

The best colors for a "Winter" skin tone are primary colors (Red, Yellow and Blue) and jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. Black and white, especially together is a great combination for a "winter" skin tone. Royal blue, cool blue, shocking pink, most pinks and yellow, any color that is sharp and clear is well suited to this skin tone. Winter skin tones should stay away from pastels, oranges, beige and gold as it will make you look pale, faded.

Summer Skin Tone

You are 'Summer' if you are a natural blonde or a pale skin brunette with light eyes.
The best colors for a 'Summer' skin tone are pastels and soft neutrals, like, powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender, plum, pale yellow and rose-brown. Stay away intense colors like orange, black and any earth tone as it will drown out your skin tone.

Warm Skin tones

'Autumn' and 'Spring' skin tones are both warm skin tones. These skin tones have a golden complexion very much like golden brown or pale peach.

Autumn Skin Tone

You are an autumn if you are a natural redhead or brunette with golden brown eyes.

Autumns look great in earthy colors, warm grey and rich golden colors like camel, gold, dark brown, beige, olive and orange. Autumns should stay away from bright colors, black, white, pastels and blue tones. These colors will make you look tired, cold and pale.

Spring Skin Tone

You are a spring if you are a natural golden blonde, auburn, or strawberry blonde hair, usually with freckles and rosy cheeks. Your eyes are usually light blue or green.

The best colors for spring are warm colors like peach, camel, ivory, golden yellow, golden brown, bright greens, true reds and clear blues. Spring skin tones should avoid dull colors and colors that are too dark, including black and white.