Accessories form a very important part of the overall look for the special day. They take cue from the dress and should only be decided and chosen once you have your dress. Accessories should accent your gown and not overwhelm your overall look. In accessories the absolute essential is finding shoes, a handbag and jewelry that enhance your dress. Other accessories, including shawls, tiara's and gloves are extra's and you should only consider them as an "overall package" and not over do it.

As mentioned you don't want to overwhelm your dress, most prom or wedding dresses are perfect with a simple piece of jewelry, maybe beautiful delicate earrings or a delicate necklace. If you are thinking of a wearing a beautiful hairpin or tiara you might not even need jewelry. Make sure what ever you choose matches your dress.

In this section we have chosen a few pieces that will enhance your dress and give you ideas of what to wear on the big night – but remember to find a dress first!