Red Carpet Trends

Dresses worn in the red carpet are more often than not simple yet unique enough to make the artist stand out. Most of these dresses are made of one to up to two colors. Some have designs that tend to highlight certain body parts such as the hips or the waist. These dresses range from the above the knee length ones up to the long gown type ones. The dresses are made with a variety of materials such as silk and sequined fabrics. Staples in the red carpet are low-cut and strapless dresses. Both highlight the dresser’s shoulders and collarbones. Dresses with plunging necklines are also a trend. Other styles and designs are micro mini dresses. Sequined mini dresses and halter dresses are also included in the list of staples. Plain black ones are also never absent in the red carpet. Empire waist silk dresses are also among the favourites. If there are plunging ones, back less dresses are also in the list. There are also long flowy ones with halter straps. The dresses are also lined with a differently colored fabric for emphasizing purposes. The chest and waist part are the more often the highlighted body parts. Fabrics of a darker color or shade are the ones used for lining. A-line dresses, which are snug at the waist part, are also included among the favourite styles. A preview of the hottest Red Carpet Trends from some of the most beautiful celebrities in the business. Dress like a celebrity at your prom.