Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are also available in different designs though most of these are the ones that go way down the ankle. Each type of wedding dress fits a specific body type. Dresses with the empire waist design are often chosen by brides to be. Its seam being just below the bust with the rest of the gown flowing down fits all body types. Some designs use a different color for empire wedding dresses for more emphasis. Brides tend to be more comfortable wearing this type of dress especially those with slim busts. Another type of wedding dress that is well liked by brides is the A-line wedding dress. This type of dress tends to balance out the shape of the body. There are also tight-fitting dresses such as the mermaid wedding dress wherein the top part is body hugging while the bottom flairs out. Curvy women fit these types of dresses more. Other styles include the ballroom wedding dress, which would fit women with fitted waist as the dress flares out starting from the hips part. There are also the column dresses, which may fit people with the hour glass body type. Column or sheath wedding dresses are often design with its top parts either strapless of with halter straps. A selection of beautiful bridal gowns from top designers to give you ideas for your special day.