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Bridal hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles often incorporate a tiara, A few examples here. This gallery contains mainly bridal hairstyles that are also very popular for proms. These styles are perfect to be worn with hair jewelry and in particular with the ever-popular tiara. They turn any girl into a Princess for the evening. Look in our Beauty section under accessories for ideas on tiaras and other hair accessories. There are only very few sights in life which are more breathtaking than watching a beautiful blushing bride walk down the aisle to meet her groom. In a gown of alabaster white with only a whisper of makeup, she is quite a sight to behold. A tasteful set of jewelry or a few strategically placed locks can really make a huge difference when it comes to perfecting that bridal allure. Whether you want a hairstyle that is tall and towering or loose and luxurious, adding a few key pieces of sparkle can truly make a difference in your overall look. Whether you have short hair, medium-length hair or long hair, there is a style out there that is perfect for the look you’re aiming for. Shorthaired brides who have a bob or a pixie cut can choose to simply add a bit of volume to their hair with some mousse, a side swept fringe or even subtle highlights. Brides with medium-length to long hair can sport a classic wavy updo or a statement headband as the centerpiece of her look. Adding a bit of sparkle with a petite tiara, some sparkly clips or a vintage-style headband are also marks of tasteful subtlety.